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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see the below information regarding our wedding. If you have

any additional questions, please contact the wedding planner, Liz Horton.

Liz Horton Contact Info

(m) 650.678.5300


Alternatively, the bride or groom are happy to answer any of your questions!

Are kids welcome?

As much as we love your little ones,
we will not be including them in
the ceremony or the reception.

Is the wedding indoors
or outdoors?

All events will be outdoors.

What is the attire for
each event?

Welcome Party 
Casual Wear: "come as you are" 
Sundresses, shorts, button downs & polos

Wedding Ceremony & Reception
Formal Wear: Black Tie

Please include any food allergies
on your RSVP return card.

If I have a food allergy,
can I make a
special request?

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